Shipping & Returns

Shipping Costs:

Orders are shipped usually within 48 hours after payment is received. Packages are shipped by UPS,Fedex Ground Rate or USPS First Class rate to the United States Only as we do not ship outside the US at all and will not accept orders that come from Outside the US at this time. Your package should arrive to you (5 to 7 days after package is shipped). Orders up to $49.99 is $6.00 shipping; This shipping cost also includes Insurance.
SPECIAL RIGHT NOW GOING ON ALL ORDERS 50 US DOLLARS AND OVER will be SHIPPED FOR FREE ANYWHERE IN THE USA. All Conjured items, Servitors, Readings,or Spelled items from Billy Bladez, Hecate Oliva, or Metheus North that are remote Bound or Spirit bound are free shipping since these items do not have to be shipped

Return Policy:

All sales are final, However if there is an issue with damage of your goods purchase please contact me for assistance. For any metaphysical purchases including any spirit conjures or readings or spells from Billy Bladez or any partner, The following is the Policy for Sales & Refunds:

All services are provided for entertainment purposes only. Nothing on this site implied or otherwise is for medicinal purposes, medical treatment, the treatment of any illness, advice, legal advice, to treat any condition, or for any purposes other than entertainment. All services, products, and other purchases are final. No refunds will be issued for services or products once purchased. The client agrees to take full responsibility for their actions, injuries, and results of all purchases made on this site. Metaphysical services are treated as creative writing services for the purpose of law

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