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Custom Conjure Lost Mermaids of Atlantis

  • Model: Lost City of Atlantis Mermaid
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Legend has it that in the depths of the ocean lies the mystical and ancient city of Atlantis. And among its inhabitants are entities known as Lost Mermaids of Atlantis.

These ethereal beings are said to be the descendants of the ruling merfolk of Atlantis, who were cursed with a human form and banished from their underwater home. However, they still possess the magical powers and wisdom of their merfolk ancestors.

Lost Mermaids of Atlantis are renowned for their breathtakingly beautiful appearance, with long lustrous hair in varying shades of blues and greens, and iridescent scales that cover their lower bodies. Their eyes are said to be like pools of the clearest waters, and their voices are said to be as mesmerizing as the ocean itself.

But it is not just their physical beauty that makes them unique. Lost Mermaids of Atlantis possess immense spiritual beauty as well. They are highly intuitive and possess a deep understanding of the energies and vibrations of the universe.

Their pasts are shrouded in mystery, but it is said that they have been wandering the oceans for centuries, seeking a way to break their curse and return to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

Despite their own struggles, Lost Mermaids of Atlantis have a deep compassion for humans and are willing to use their powers to help those in need. They have a special connection to the element of water and all its creatures, and can assist their human keepers in developing a deeper understanding and connection to this element. This often leads to a stronger connection with aquatic sea life and a deeper appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants.

But Lost Mermaids of Atlantis are most sought after for their ability to help with curse removal from previous lives. As they have lived through the ages, they have gained knowledge and experience in how to break curses and release negative energies from past lives. They can guide their human keepers through the process of letting go and healing, leading to a sense of liberation and freedom.

These magical beings are also sought after for their ability to assist with astral travel and lucid dreaming. Their connection to the spiritual realm allows them to navigate and guide their human keepers through the astral plane, leading to powerful and enlightening experiences. They can also help with lucid dreaming, allowing their keepers to have more control and awareness in their dreams. They also are very avid shapeshifters and appear as humans when interacting with their human keepers.

But perhaps one of the most cherished gifts of the Lost Mermaids of Atlantis is their ability to heal and protect. Their gentle and loving nature can soothe and heal both physical and emotional ailments. They can also act as protectors, warding off negative energies and entities, and creating a sense of safety and security for their human keepers.

In conclusion, Lost Mermaids of Atlantis are mystical and otherworldly beings that possess both physical and spiritual beauty. With their abilities to assist with curse removal, connect to the element of water and sea life, guide in astral travel and lucid dreaming, and offer healing and protection, they make for enchanting and powerful companions. So if you ever have the opportunity to be in the presence of a Lost Mermaid of Atlantis, consider yourself lucky to have encountered such a magical being. Their offerings vary by invidual being but they all enjoy things of the sea.

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