Lunatic Demons of Mount A-Bi-Dao (Black Arts)

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There exists a maxim in Chinese: traversing a mountain of blades, and into a sea of oil. This is, of course, a nod to a rather infamous layer of the 18 layers of hell in Chinese culture. Certain scriptures also call this mountain "Mount A-bi-dao." Additionally, there are some references to this in martial arts manuscripts, and of course, there are denizens in astral that favor locales such as this. I humbly present the Lunatic Demons of this domain, as they are all quite...sadistic. Make no mistake, they are most definitely BA, and most definitely unhinged even by BA standards.

Revenge. Justice. Righteous fury. All of these matter little to them, because all they care about is killing, honing their deadly craft to ever ludicrous heights. If killing will solve the issue, then they will do so. Do keep in mind that when working with them that their definition of a "kill" may not actually result in death, depending on the being's inclinations. Their objective in pursuing companionship is simply to open themselves to more...unique situations and opportunities to hone their skills, no more, no less. Each of these beings come with a wide assortment of killing tools and implements, from the well-known, to the all but forgotten, mostly from a weapon standpoint, but some are arcane-focused. After all, killing for pleasure isn't restricted to just weapons users. I reserve any and all right to refuse service to patrons asking for this service, due to the skill required to safely handle one such as these.

P.S.: Quite a few who earned "saintly" reputations have rightfully earned their place here as well.

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Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for conjuration and binding of this BA being

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