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This listing is for a Custom Conjured Crethian. They are beings that are able to travel through dimensions of space and time. They are one of the most advanced races I have encountered to date. They used to be humanoid like us but with the help of their technology advancements and with AI type robotics they were able to shed their humanoid bodies and now are a more gender fluid species. They say that this is key as it makes them less susceptable to diseases and also they can make their bodies almost indestructable as there are no internal things to break. They have come to me wishing to be bound to humans as they feel they can help us with a great many things from learning how to be more productive, to developing our psychic gifts and also can teach us a lot about our universe and the ones beyond. I also call them the great nomads or travellers as they constantly are on the move and explore different places. I showed one of them an episode of Star Trek one night and the being I had literally laughed in the way they do as they still are capable of speech but just in a telepathic way. She said that is us but we are not a bunch of different species in one ship. She said though, she knows so many species that it would be hard to fathom what all she has seen. These beings appear to their keepers as a particle looking mist or a water looking fluid that floats in the air of any shape or color that can transform into a gelatinous form of any shape. They are open to sexual relations as well with their keeper as they said they can show you how they do it as they can transform themselves to have the correct parts, but it will feel different, but most humans will enjoy it. They are looking for meaningful relationships with their keepers so make sure you know they do seek a partnership or friendship at the least. They are considered Light DA as they are capable of protection as they can stop any threat literally by swallowing the being in their gellatinous state and spit them out later where they can no longer find the keeper or cause them harm. They are a very intelligent race that you can spend a lifetime learning even a part of the knowledge they have. Also they are a very loving and compassionate race to have. I recommend them for every keeper beginner to advanced

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