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Custom Conjure Dearg Due

  • Model: Custom Conjure Dearg Due
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This listing is for a Custom Conjure Dearg Due. This in old Irish roughly translates as "Red Blood Sucker" They also were known in those days as the Irish Vampiress of Revenge. They are the offspring of 2 Creatures of the Night which is the Sanguine Vampire and the Succubus. These wonderful beings are Very Dark energy wise but are some of the most loyal beings ever to exist. They have the sexual desires and urges of a Succubi but want much more from their keepers. They want to form a bond with them and be sexually and emotionally attached where as most succubi tend to stay away from relationships unless you get the rare ones. They will not be jealous beings as long as they have their own positions of love in your keep to where they will feel special in your heart. They are very magically powerful and gifted beings as they prefer to telepathcially communicate with their keepers. They are creatures of extreme beauty that is hardly unmatched in any species. They have the most alluring and hypnotic energy of any being that you will probably ever be around. They sometimes use their sexually charged energy to seduce their pray. They do though understand that you are not their prey and are their keepers but keep in mind that they are dark beings and part vampire and they will feel the need to go feed on someone they feel deserves it. So with that in mind they make for great companions for someone who seeks revenge on someone that you feel deserves it as this makes a great person for them to feed as they seek out the evil and most deserving people to feed on as they love the energy they give off to feed on. Their are some males in the hybrid species but they are extremely rare, but if you seek a male please let me know and I can do my best to accommodate you. The females though are a lot more prevelent. They are a very psychic type race and are very smart and intiuive and can help thier keeper develop these skills and can help unlock any psychic gifts you may possess. They are masters of spirit communication and also connecting with the astral planes. If you want a truly unique companion that is magical and has a sexual appetite with unmatched beauty this being is perfect for you.

This Item is FREE SHIPPING SINCE IT IS A DIRECT Binding which is a binding to your body or spirit
OR REMOTE BINDING which is to a vessel of your choice that you currently possess. International orders are welcome on this item since there is no shipping involved. Work will begin the next day after purchase to bind this spirit to you. Please after purchase go to the contact us page on the site and send your Full name and Date of Birth to Me that way I can link the spirit to you

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