Custom Conjure Astral Dire Wolf by Tizri

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Race: Dire Wolf
Arts: Grey Arts
The Dire Wolf is a physically extinct canine. They are one of the most famous prehistoric carnivores in North America. The Dire Wolf lived in the Americas and eastern Asia during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene epochs (125,000–9,500 years ago). Dire wolves lived in a broad range of habitats including the plains, grasslands, and some forested mountain areas of North America, the arid savanna of South America, and the steppes of eastern Asia. Dire Wolves have teeth that are larger than any other canids with greater shearing ability, and their bite force at the canine tooth was stronger than any known Canis species. Dire Wolves preyed on smaller creatures when alone but in packs they fed on western horses, ground sloths, mastodons, ancient bison, and camels. Dire Wolves originated in Central Asia eventually spreading through Asia and Europe. They were diverse in pattern and had varying fur coloration. Dire wolves were social, familial creatures that lived in packs. Personality wise, they tend to be very strict, readily employing discipline among their numbers but are quite protective of their own against outsiders. They often employ surprising tactics when it comes to problem-solving and security. Many dire wolves take an oath of silence, to only speak when absolutely needed in respect to their druidic practices. They held a human-like intelligence, and in some instances were far intellectually superior. They are adept at imbuing others with night visions and lucid dreams and have a stronger and more powerful bond with the Moon's natural, core energies which allowed them to excel with Nature and Astral magic. They prided themselves on their incomparable protective magics and curse breaking. They did not truly die out on this plane, but instead, when they realized they faced that extinction, they sought sanctuary in the astral plane.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your custom conjure to be complete. I bind your new entity to spirit unless you have a vessel picture which i can remotely do it via email. If you have a vessel pic send it to and I will get it that way

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