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Custom Conjure Court Ubi's by Tizri

  • Model: Custom Court Ubi By Tizri
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Race: Court Ubi
Arts: Dark Arts
Type: Living Entity

Race Details: Ubi are entities who derive joyous pleasure and energy form sexual or intimate interactions, including romantic jestures or simple affection. Those who partner with Ubi usually tell of having erotic or "wet" dreams overnight. Many Ubi sense their partners before even being called, often falling in love with their human partners. Ubi can become overly protective of what and who they deem as theirs. As a race Ubi are highly sensuous, imaginative, affectionate and are often very possessive of their partners. Court Ubi in general are quite witty, and ingenuitive. They can assist in manifestation and the utilizing of sexual energy into empowerment and growth. Depending on the individual succubus or incubus they can have a variety of different talents, looks and demeanors, much like humans they are quite diverse. Ubi In General can be quite moody and can incite nightmares. There are a few Courts which I call out to when looking to work with Ubi: Lilith’s, Asmodeus’s, and Naamah’s.

Lilith Court Ubi are very beautiful, charming, and passionate. They are full of pride, lust, and are really quite entertaining individuals. They adore romance, affection, and lust, leaning heavily on intimacy and romance. Lilith Court Ubi are often polyamourous and care little for social propriety in terms of relationships. They love who they love and often form polycules. Monogamy is a rarity in this court. They love their partners deeply and with everything they are, forming lasting bonds that last many lifetimes, which for some can be a bit much. They are quite reasonable and if told to leave, they will. Once their trust is broken, it is hard to regain it, as honesty, loyalty and passion are the most important things to the ubi of this court. Lilith Court ubi are my favorite to work with due to me having worked extensively with this court and its members the longest.

Asmodeus Court Ubi are more chaotic, being eccentric and flamboyant. They revel in the taboo and perverse, more than willing to push past their boundaries and their partners if allowed to. They adore exploring the deepest desires of their partners, the more depraved the better. Under their very thin mask of decorum, they can be downright deranged, they find it difficult to empathize with human morals. This does not stop some of them from trying, as many ubi of this court find humans adorable, and wish to be companions for their own amusement and growth. They tend to be the most possessive and unpredictable of the Ubi, with some even being reported to have developed stalking tendencies toward their partners. If one falls in love, however, they create an unshakable bond, tethering themselves to their partner. They are often Monogamous in Asmodeus’s court, but this is not the case for all. Usually polymory leads to spousal disputes and court scandals. It’s no surprise that I will only bind Ubi from this Court to those with ample experience with Dark Arts Entities. Asmodeus Court ubi are the hardest for me to work with and take the longest to vet.

Naamah Court Ubi are what people think of when one mentions succubi, with the exotic looks, mischievous disposition and that iconic insatiable thirst. Males in this court are very rare and often males are coveted and quite effeminate, masculine male ubi in this court are highly protected by the other members and fawned over by lower-ranking court members. Naamah Court Ubi are highly sensual beings that are seductive, mysterious, and elegant. They focus on seduction, beauty, sex and gratification. Naamah Court ubi are very much like sex workers, they answer calls for quick sexual gratification and rarely stay with one partner for long. They tend to be quite feral when engaging in sexual activity, losing themselves to pleasure. When they do stay with a partner, they are careful with them, almost ridiculously so, and are doting, attentive, and caring when not engaging in sexual activity. Ubi from this court are often hesitant to be bound to one person, for fear of harming them. Therefore anyone matched with a Naamah Court Ubi will need to have ample experience with Dark Arts Entities, warding, and protection measures.

If you are matched with ubi of The Courts of Naamah or Asmodeos, I will work with you and them on designing a “safe word” For your protection and their own, in case they lose themselves and go too far. It will immediately restrict their movements and remove them into a bubble-like energy chamber. The chamber is not painful, nor is it permanent, it is a way to quickly subdue an entity until they regain composure.

Naamah is a Primordial Goddess of the Sea and of Desire. She is a Goddess of Prostitution. She is one of Three High Queens in the Courts, Lilith and Astarte being her sisters. Naamah’s main associations are Water, Void, and Psionics.

Lilith is a Primordial Goddess of the Wind and or Passion. She is a Goddess of Empowerment. She is one of Three High Queens in the Courts, Naamah and Astarte being her sisters. Lilith's main associations are Air, Fire, and Illusion.

Asmodeus is an Infernal God of the Earthly Spirits, Lust and Depravity. He is Lord of a Court in one of the Lower Planes. He is the Younger brother of Lilith and is fond of taking human spouses and making deals. Asmodeus’s main associations are Fire, Chaos, and Knowledge.

Please let me know in the notes if you wish to have a being from a certain court or if you wish to have me see what comes through for you the strongest.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your custom conjure to be complete. I bind your new entity to spirit unless you have a vessel picture which i can remotely do it via email. If you have a vessel pic send it to and I will get it that way

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