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This Custom Conjure listing is for a new type of spirit I have been working with lately and they are amazing beings. They are known as Underworld Nymphs. They come from almost every realm of the underworld that I have seen. They can range from Very Dark Beings to very Light DA spirits in nature. They, like most species have traits that are a part of them, one of them being that they are a Nymph so they can be very Sexual beings by nature and they tend to have very intoxicating energy and they use this to seduce and manipulate their victims and their potential mates. Most that I have come across are very curious about humanity and are seeking to learn more. They like humans can have different appearances based on what area of the underworld they were raised in. Another quality they have is that they are very Spiritual creatures by nature and they all have a vast knowledge of Magic and have a special type of Sexual Magic that they like to use to accomplish their tasks and goals. They are also very intuitive by nature and are very good readers of energy and different beings and would make great spirits to help you with making choices on situations that you may be stuck on. They also though are very loyal spirits and tend to look for Human Partners and not just a companion so this is something you should be aware of when adopting one of them as they partner for all of eternity so most of the time they might want more than a regular binding as they love to follow their Human Partners through their different incarnations and also where they can be with them even when they are in the Spiritual Realm. These amazing beings also seek to help their partners so by nature they are avid healers and can help to balance their keepers’ moods and align their chakras as well as cleanse their auras. They can help their keeper to learn a lot about their own path and teach them to bring out hidden gifts they might not have even know they had. They also are good about bringing a person more confidence in themselves and help them to progress on their own path. They can help you with Opening the Third Eye and connecting with your spirits as well.

This Item is FREE SHIPPING SINCE IT IS A DIRECT Binding which is a binding to your body or spirit
OR REMOTE BINDING which is to a vessel of your choice that you currently possess. International orders are welcome on this item since there is no shipping involved. Work will begin the next day after purchase to bind this spirit to you. Please after purchase go to the contact us page on the site and send your Full name and Date of Birth to Me that way I can link the spirit to you

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