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Custom Conjured Dryad/HamaDryad

  • Model: Custom Conjured Dryad/HamaDryad
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This listing is for a Custom Conjured Dryad. Their can be different types of Dryad depending on the part of nature they reside in their are Oreads, which are a Mountian nymphs or Dryads and there are those known as the Hamadryads which are more common and mostly what I come across during my conjuring. You can request which ever type of Dryad that comes for you or you can make a choice of what kind you would like since this is a totally custom listing. If I cannot locate the correct Dryad you are looking for I will gladly refund your purchase but their is not many species and races that I have not found at least one special type of being that is there that is willing to be bound. Hamadryads and most Dryads are also considered a type of Earth Elemental and are very protective nature spirit especially to thier prospective territory where they preside. They can be a little distrusting of humanity at first but once they gain your trust and see that you are one of th good parts of humanity they will warm up to you and make a great companion. Some dryads and actually most as very sexual in nature as they are also conisdered a type of nymph and will be this way to you so be sure this is what you want. I personally have a Hamadryad that after conjuring decided it would be a fun thing to wake me up in the middle of the night by pinching me on the butt. They are fun loving creatures to behold and very fun to have one in your keep and will be good companions to any keep or keeper. In addition to this they are very magical creatures as elementals and can help with any earth based magic divination or any spells you may cast. They are lovers of nature as they are directly bound to it so you must make sure you love all living things and seek to preserve them or the Dryad might not be a spirit for you. If you pass that one test though they make great spirits, lovers and friends to their keepers.

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