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Custom Conjure Fae Dragon

  • Model: Custom Conjure Fae Dragon
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This listing is for a Custom Conjured Fae Dragons. These Dragons were made famous by the popular role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. They are however real beings as I have traveled far and wide through the Fae realms and have located several colonies of these amazing beings that are willing to be bound. They are as the description says Small tiny dragons that are around 3-8 in tall and have a wingspan that varies around 1ft or larger depending on your Fae Dragon. They are very sweet and loving in nature and very playful they have traits of the normal Fae as they wings like that of a butterfly or I have seen some that also look like dragon fly wings but these are more rare. Other than that, the rest of their bodies are that of an extremely tiny dragon with 4 legs. They have slender bodies and very fast flapping wings which help them to move at unbelievable speeds while in flight. Since they are in my opinion as much Fae as they are dragons they can be classified as a Fae, as a dragon and as definitely a hybrid. They are very Magical in nature as a matter of fact they are one of the most magical creatures to have around Since they have the natures and knowledge of both species. They are very intelligent and will be an awesome addition to any keep. They are very very light DA in nature and can cause no problems for you or your keep with the exception of they are very mischievous sometimes in nature which goes hand in hand with their playful nature as they enjoy hiding things or playing pranks on their keeper. They mean no harm it’s just they see it as games and having fun. They are very intelligent and can teach their keeper a lot of different skills ranging from boosting magic to divination to even astral travel. They are also bringers of good luck and good energies. The only other warning is though they are an attraction for other unbound Fairies and this can happen from time to time with this type of Fae so be aware of this when purchasing one of these wonderful beings. I recommend it to any keep or keeper and I think everyone in my opinion should have one in their keep as they don't know what they are missing.

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