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Custom Conjured Hell Horse

  • Model: Custom Conjured Hell Horse
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This listing is for a custom conjured Hell horse. They appear as a horse made up or engulfed in flames when angered or when at normal appearance they appear as a pitch black horse with glowing cinder red eyes and hooves with flames coming from them They are very dark in nature and in energy. I have only found those that are on the darker side of the energy spectrum so far that have been conjured so I think this is the only level of energy they can come in. The ones i have encountered originated from the underworld and they bring the darkness of their normal realm them. They are to those who are comfortable keeping darker entities or spirits a real addition to their keep and to any keep for that matter. They are the bringers of nightmares and bad dreams to anyone that you seem fit to sick them on. They will be great revenge spirits for those ones that you just don't like but don't want to do any serious harm on. They are amazing spirits that are among the few that are very avid travelers between realms and are amazing spirits to have to help someone with Lucid dreaming and even Astral Travel. They can sometimes impose their dark energies onto their keeper unknowingly though so mastery of shielding and blocking of darker energy is suggested to their future keeper. their dark energy needs to be cleansed. So you will need a good aura cleansing regularly. They are truly amazing beings to behold and to have in your keep They are only recommend to experienced keepers and those that are used to darker spirits and entities. If you are unsure if this spirit is OK for you please feel free to contact me and I can better direct you as to where to go with this type of spirit and whether they would be OK for you at this time.

This Item is FREE SHIPPING SINCE IT IS A DIRECT Binding which is a binding to your body or spirit
OR REMOTE BINDING which is to a vessel of your choice that you currently possess. International orders are welcome on this item since there is no shipping involved. Work will begin the next day after purchase to bind this spirit to you. Please after purchase go to the contact us page on the site and send your Full name and Date of Birth to Me that way I can link the spirit to you

By law, we have to state that her listings are for Entertainment Purposes only and cannot be scientifically proven. We are not to be held responsible for anything that could happen once the item leaves our hands, as it is your discretion on buying these items. We do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are the choices are personal and your responsibility, as well as that we do not take any responsibility for any paranormal activity that does or does not appear.

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