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Custom Conjured Gryphinx

  • Model: Custom Conjure Hybrid Gryphinx
  • 9996 Units in Stock

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This Custom Conjure Listing is for a Hybrid Creature Spirit that is a mix of 2 Very strong powerful and mystical Creatures known a Gryphinx. This creature is a Hybrid of the Egyptian Sphinx and a Gryphon. It is not known to me at this time how this Hybrid creature has came into being but they are very mystical and wise creatures that have a wealth of magical knowledge, they can help any keeper with Diviniation or Magical endeavours as well as show them how to be in tune more to the spirits around them as well as their own spirit keep. They energy ranges from Very Light DA to Darker DA on the energy spectrum. They make great spirits for Beginners and Expert keepers alike. The darker ones can be a little overbearing so if you think you wont be able to handle a darker one please let me know when purchasing and I will make sure I will find you one on the lighter scale. This binding may take longer than most as these creatures are a little bit harder to find so please be aware of this before purchasing this listing. These make a great companion for those that like a rare and yet magical addition to their keep. They also make wonderful protection spirits simply because of their instincts and natural protection abilities and natures. These creatures appear to have Human Heads,and have the back legs and bodies of a big Lion or Cat and the forelegs of a bird. They also generally have 4 wings to help them take to the sky.
This Item is FREE SHIPPING SINCE IT IS A DIRECT Binding which is a binding to your body or spirit
OR REMOTE BINDING which is to a vessel of your choice that you currently possess. International orders are welcome on this item since there is no shipping involved. Work will begin the next day after purchase to bind this spirit to you. Please after purchase go to the contact us page on the site and send your Full name and Date of Birth to Me that way I can link the spirit to you

By law, we have to state that her listings are for Entertainment Purposes only and cannot be scientifically proven. We are not to be held responsible for anything that could happen once the item leaves our hands, as it is your discretion on buying these items. We do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are the choices are personal and your responsibility, as well as that we do not take any responsibility for any paranormal activity that does or does not appear.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 May, 2017.

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