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Custom Conjure Totem Fox Spirit

  • Model: CCTotemFox
  • 9999 Units in Stock

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The fox is known to be very cunning and clever. You may be one who can rely on your wit and banter to get out of, or into, any situation. The fox reminds us to use the brain instead of power or strength. The capability to use our mind instead of might can just as easily be a way to avoid danger altogether. There may be circumstances that you may be able to avoid violence when you put your mind to it.

The fox encourages independence. You may be a person that relies on yourself. You don't need anyone living with you because of being capable of handling life on your own terms. This does not mean that you are so prideful that you will not ask for assistance when you need it. It means that you do not have to ask for help very often. You got this!

The fox is not always completely alone entirely. Most fox will find a mate, eventually. The fox is very loyal and monogamous. There is one mate for life. However, the fox also tells you that you should not lose your own sense of self when you are with a partner. You need to have your own interests or hobbies separate from that of your partner.

The fox can also be a mischievous creature at times. The fox tells you that playing jokes on people can be a good thing as long as no one gets hurt in the process, either physically or emotionally. It is alright to be playful but not at the expense of friendships.

This Item is FREE SHIPPING SINCE IT IS A DIRECT Binding which is a binding to your body or spirit
OR REMOTE BINDING which is to a vessel of your choice that you currently possess. International orders are welcome on this item since there is no shipping involved. Work will begin the next day after purchase to bind this spirit to you. Please after purchase go to the contact us page on the site and send your Full name and Date of Birth to Me that way I can link the spirit to you

By law, we have to state that listings are for Entertainment Purposes only and cannot be scientifically proven. We are not to be held responsible for anything that could happen once the item leaves our hands, as it is your discretion on buying these items. We do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are the choices are personal and your responsibility, as well as that we do not take any responsibility for any paranormal activity that does or does not appear.

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