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Custom Conjure Baobhan Sith (Scottish) Vampire
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Custom Conjure Agaliarept Legionnaire
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Custom Conjure FurFur Legionnaire
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Custom Conjures by Tizri

Hello, my name is Tizri, but you can call me Tiz or Caliban. I have been practicing a little over 9 years, it will be 10 years in September! I have been fighting stage 3 cancer on and off for years. I am also high functioning autistic so I implore you, if I have said or done anything to upset you, please tell me so we can work it out. I consider myself Magus with +9 years experience practicing, and a student of life in general. I love to create, explore, and experiment, always looking for something new to learn. My way of practicing involves keeping the natural balances of energy in check, meaning I maintain a peaceful balance between the Right and Left hand Paths and am accepting of others and their paths. I am rather supportive to others, sometimes in a rather maternal way, I see everyone as children of the universe and rejoice in their achievements. We are all connected, the happiness and success of others will always bring me joy. I am in a Relationship/Contract an entity named Koler. I have many cambion children by Koler and am proud of each of them. I am blessed to be a medium, since it allows me such strong connections with my children. I don't fear death because, when I pass, I will finally get to hold and focus completely on my children. I seek to live a good honest life and children and hope to do right by others as long as I live. I work mainly with Living Entities instead of spirits. I strongly believe that the meeting and companionship between Entities and Humans is not just for the benefit of mankind, but the universe as a whole. If someone has a calling, they should be able to connect! I will do my best for all of you! Thankyou!
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